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The Sharp Corporate Vision: Changing the World with 8K and AIoT

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Since Sharp was founded in 1912, it has been the source of countless innovations. In this video, we present the vision behind our work developing AIoT and 8K, ideas that will revolutionise the world by connecting people, technology and the cloud, and give access to greater intelligence than ever before.

Sharp devised the word AIoT to represent the combination of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the IoT (Internet of Things). Whether in the office or the home, people are interacting with an ever wider array of IT devices and home appliances.

At Sharp, we’re making these devices and appliances more user-friendly by connecting them to the cloud and giving them AI capabilities. Through AIoT, Sharp aims to build a people-oriented world of products and services.

Sharp is also proud to be at the forefront of the 8K movement, championing the expansion of 8K applications and creating greater opportunities for businesses to benefit from exceptionally detailed images and video, whether in broadcast, medicine, engineering or design.

With the Sharp 8K ecosystem we are looking to redefine our perceptions of reality and reveal what our eyes are unable to see. The revolutionary technology has been designed for ultra-high-definition images that are capable of producing true-colour images with 16 times the resolution of full-HD, something which cannot be delivered with the current generation of 4K images.


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Ash Laker
Ash Laker

Ash Laker is the Brand and Communication Manager at Sharp New Zealand. She spent several years in Central London marketing commercial property before moving to New Zealand and into the exciting world of technology. Her passion is affecting strategic change for businesses through collaboration and smart tech. Ash lives in Auckland with her husband and three cats, who she likes very very much.

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