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Case Study: Evolving Education with Smart Technology

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Evolve Education Group is one of New Zealand’s largest providers of early childhood education (ECE) – with more than 100 childcare centres around the country, and many more home-based care providers. Sharp is providing the innovative Sharp Accounts Payable Automation solution to support the accounts payable function for this fast-growing organisation.

Evolve Education has undergone massive growth since launching in 2014 – acquiring more than 100 early childhood centres throughout New Zealand in its first year. Thanks to a clever solution delivered by Sharp, Evolve has been able to effortlessly manage the growing demands of its accounts payable function. Evolve Education now employs more than 2,000 people – as well as delivering early education to thousands of young New Zealanders.


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Ash Laker
Ash Laker

Ash Laker is the Brand and Communication Manager at Sharp New Zealand. She spent several years in Central London marketing commercial property before moving to New Zealand and into the exciting world of technology. Her passion is affecting strategic change for businesses through collaboration and smart tech. Ash lives in Auckland with her husband and three cats, who she likes very very much.

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